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As a graduated IB student (2016), I provide assistance in certain subject areas, in-person or online, to help with the topics or skills taught in the classroom. [Read more...]

Academic Coaching

Similar to tutoring, I can help with motivation and keeping up with short to long term deadlines e.g. MYP Personal Project, IAs, EE, etc. [Read more...]


Proofreading and editing is a key step in academic or any written work. I'm happy to help with this! [Read more...]


I will proofread and edit any document up to 500 words within 24 hours. My goal is to make your essay, paper, article, email or document shine! [Read more...]


I can provide assistance in translating short texts (300 - 500 words) to / from French, English, and German. [Read more...]


I can help with general or academic research and then provide a list of relevant sources or simply help with referencing. [Read more...]

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