About me

Coralie (born in Canada) has lived in Germany since 2012. She graduated from high school with a trilingual International Baccalaureate (French, English, and German) and began to study Sociology with a minor in Women’s Studies at Laurentian University (online) while volunteering around the world. Soon, she will study International Development at King’s College London, which complements her first undergraduate programme. Then, Coralie wishes to continue studying themes such as Gender Equality, Human Rights and Diplomacy at the Graduate level while keeping a balance between fieldwork and the classroom. Additionally, Coralie has found herself enjoying the aspect of management in work environments, thus she may be considering this as a possible option for her Graduate studies.

Furthermore, since September 2016, Coralie has taken part in various projects, including online studies and volunteering. The nature of online studying allows one to study from any place in the world, thereby permitting one to take part in many projects simultaneously. Coralie took this chance and participated in volunteer projects in Spain (2016), Morocco (2017), The Netherlands (2017), and Uganda (2018). The volunteer trips were also in line with themes studied over the course of the Sociology BA: social inequalities, gender equality, human rights and international development, among others.

Currently, Coralie is undertaking a few internships in Greece and in Morocco. Recently, Coralie gave a Conference on Human Rights, Violence and Dictatorship taking place in Gdansk, where she shared her work on the social factors impacting the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Uganda. In the longer term, volunteering in Asia, the Middle East or returning to Africa, as well as taking part in internships with governmental organisations and the United Nations are on the list of upcoming projects, along with sharing her research in various other conferences.